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本小店主要是網購形式經營,暫不對外開放,前往選購前請預先致電預約,預約電話852 - 2111 0475。


Our shop is based on online shopping and office in Kwun Tong. It is not a physical shop, please call to make an appointment before visit our office. Contact number is 852 - 2111 0475. To inquire about the latest products and the price and stock status of each product, please send a message to us through Facebook/IG page.

Dreamchaser Shop

Boho Products

Find a boho stuff, make your own style.

We collect all unique stuff from Turkey, Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, India...

Food Items

Find some food product which you can't find from other shop.

Click this link start discover

Opening Hours

Monday ~ Saturday 星期一至六 : 10:00 ~ 17:00 

(We are close on Sundays and holidays 星期日及節假日休息)

Sorry! We accept Cash Only  暫時只收現金
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